Gift Tapes

Gift Tapes is a label from Seattle, founded by Jason E. Anderson, which was active from 2008 to 2012.

The label solely published cassettes and microcassettes in limited editions, which ranged from 50 to 200 copies.

Gift Tapes logo


Its catalogue consists of experimental electronic music, often made by Anderson himself, either alone or with various other artists.

One can also commonly find Drone and Ambient influences in the label’s releases.

Some releases originally distributed by Gift Tapes were released by the artists on other platforms as well, mostly on Bandcamp. Ten releases are available to download from the official Gift Tapes blog. Individual tracks from some albums by Jason E. Anderson can be found on his website.



After the publication of the 43rd and last release, Many Moons by Brother Raven in the year 2012, Gift Tapes was discontinued and replaced by DRAFT, which also offered DVDs and records and was less strict genre-wise.

After, in 2014, all cassettes sold out, the following paragraph appeared on the Gift Tapes website:

January 27, 2014: All releases sold out. Visit sister label DRAFT. Info/Contact: Thank you for your support.

Archive I

After I heard about Gift Tapes I began creating an archive of all releases. I recently digitized the following cassettes:

Million Mists - HaleakalaJeremiah Walker - Early To RiseStudio SS - Sickness

There is only one release left, for which I sadly couldn’t find anything yet:

2 Hands On Knobs - Copper Medallion

One side of this microcassette can be found on Anderson’s website.

Apart from this release the archive is now complete, although the quality varies greatly because of all the different sources.

Archive II

Today, on the 21st of May, 2021, I found out that the last tape I was looking has been hidden in plain sight for just over a year now.

I was on the Rate Your Music page for “Many Moons”, since I just finished listening to it in full and wanted to add it to my collection, when I saw a comment saying that you could listen to it on the official Gift Tapes website.

This immediately stood out to me – I vividly remembered that tape being one of the harder ones to track down. So I clicked on the link, and there it was: an official download link for Many Moons, and while I’ve been following Gift Tapes for a while now, I could’ve sworn that it hasn’t been one year just yet.

And yet, just one blog post below, Copper Medallion. I immediately downloaded it, changed the ID3 tags to be consistent with the other releases and added it to the archive.

Now, it is with great pleasure (and even greater joy) that I may finally present to you: a full Gift Tapes archive!