Homebrew on Nintendo’s latest console.

This is not a comprehensive guide, just some notes mainly for myself! If that’s not what you’re after, you should check out one of the following:

Custom Firmwares

There are other, lesser known CFWs as well, but these are the “big three”.


The best custom firmware by far. Frequently updated, support for the latest firmware versions, a trusted team and large community behind it, the most features, free and open-source.


Widely used in the earlier days of Switch hacking, since it had flashable payloads before the first version of Atmosphère was released. Trusted developer, hasn’t seen an update in months.


Closed source, paid features. Mainly used for piracy, since it’s just a bit easier to launch pirated games using SX OS than using other custom firmwares.

SX OS was found to contain code that could render your Switch completely useless in the past.