YAbeats was the alias under which Jacek Malinowski from Galway published his mostly Hip-Hop-influenced tracks on SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

His moniker consists of “YA”, from his then YAdesign brand, and “beats”.


Due to the deletion of his SoundCloud account and the publicity of his music this list is neither complete nor sorted chronologically.


I could restore some of the tracks and covers from my hard drives. For the sake of simplicity, covers that belong to one of the tracks listed below (and are embedded within them) were not included.

lean. and MyColorScreen Theme were also excluded, due to both of them still being available on Bandcamp. need to get off my ass and start creating things was, too; as it turns out, it’s still available on SoundCloud (see below).

You can find all files on the Internet Archive, or use the direct links below.


I could also find the song “elevate”, but only the beginning, and backed with various digicam noises.


dopegirlelevatemix I


On the 15th of April, 2021, a day where I had nothing better to do, I went through my SoundCloud likes and subsequently found out that the YAbeats SoundCloud profile had never been deleted – it was simply renamed and SoundCloud didn’t redirect to the new one.

Under the name yamakethings, need to get off my ass and start creating things is still available. None of the other previously mentioned songs can be found on the page, but as of the time of writing, five new ones are available: